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How To Download Spotify Songs & Playlists In Android Device


Spotify-dl is new GitHub tool from where you can download Spotify Songs & Playlists in Android Device. If you using Spotify Music so you know its premium features like download songs and etc. & If you think can we download music from Spotify then yes now you can download Spotify songs easily. 

Today I will tell you how can you download Spotify songs and download your favorite Spotify playlist using Spotify-dl tool. There is Spotify music downloader android present but they all fake. You can download the whole playlist and save it in mp4 format. And the main thing is song quality is quite good after downloading. It always downloads the highest quality of songs and playlist of Spotify. You can download Spotify playlist to mp3 format.

          Spotify-dl Tool is for Android Device which you can run in Termux App and in any Linux version.  Spotify-dl is online Spotify music downloader which gives around 300-400 Kbps speed per second. It has chances to increase in the next version.

Download Spotify Songs Using Spotify-dl Tool In Android And Linux

First, we see how can we download Spotify Songs in Linux because it also helps to do the installation in android. It has not much difference between commands.

Spotify-dl -: Made this Spotify Downloader(scraper) Script which downloads Tracks, Album, and Playlist for you.
Spotify-dl Tool Link -: 

How to Install Spotify Music in Linux

Step 1 -: Get Nodejs from here ( You need to install nodejs first.

Step 2 -: Download Spotify-dl tool from an above link using git clone.

Step 3 -: Select Spotify-dl Path > open terminal (cd ~/to/the/spotify-dl/path)

Step 4 -: Type this command: npm install && npm link
After you give command npm link tool ready for work. Now you use it like this.

Step 5 -: $ spotifydl <track/playlist/album url> Example shown in Video .

Advantages -: It can resume playlist and album downloads in case if you want to stop it anytime.  For example, you stopped downloading playlist at the 23rd song and if you didn’t delete its cache file then it will continue again from 23rd song whenever you start.
Disadvantages -: artists list download is not supported and only first 100 songs from the playlist will be downloaded.

Solution -: Make a different playlist of 100 songs. Then download it manually other rest songs one by one.

Download Spotify Songs Using Android Device

Spotify music downloader android tool is here the same tool ( Spotify-dl) works for Android. You just download Termux app from Playstore to download Spotify playlist.

Spotify music has too many songs but you can download only 100 songs in playlist with 200-300 Kbps Speed and Download rest songs manually. So, lets see How you can download Spotify songs & playlist in one click. Let’s see Step by Step -:

Step 1 -: Download Termux App from Playstore.

Step 2 -: Enter that commands 1) pkg install git
                                                   2) pkg install git nodejs 

Step 3 -: Enter this command to download Spotify-dl tool 1) git clone 

Step 4 -: After download complete go under directory. Use this command. 1) cd spotify-dl 

Step 5 -: Now install npm to use this command. 1) npm install 

Step 6 -: Type this command 1) npm link

Step 7 -: Now using this command you can download Spotify music songs and playlists. 1) spotifydl <track/playlist/album url> 

Spotify Songs Download in Android Video

Hope you like this article. If any command not working or facing any issue so feel free and comment below, I will try to get a solution.

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