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How to Download Youtube Video on Android using youtube-dl python script

How to Download Youtube Video on Android 

How to Download Youtube Video on Android using youtube-dl python script

Those who are struggling to download youtube videos as video/audio
Use youtube-dl python script -:

It is super cool and easy Method. Follow step by step -:

            1. Install Termux app first from play store.

             2. Type termux-setup-storage and allow file access &  Install python3 and pip.

            3. Install youtube-dl ( pip install youtube-dl )

             4. That's it …  You can check their docs on git for usage ( basic usage is youtube-dl [options] [ URL of youtube video ] )

  5. You can even click on share button on youtube app and click on Termux for direct doing  without writing command (in 2nd screenshot), the output is in 3rd screenshot.

youtube-dl python script
Share Button Of Youtube

youtube-dl python script
choose quality for download

If u get error like termux-url-opener 

1.   Install tsudo And place in that path

2.   tsudo nano $HOME/bin/termux-url-opener And paste this in it and save youtube-dl $1

3.   ctrl+o to save and ctrl+x to exit.

Why  youtube-dl better then other Android Apps

  1.            Others apps having many advertisements and this tool is ads-free.        
  2. ·        To teaching new things about Termux.                                                         
  3. ·        More faster than other apps. Download speed quite good if you compare this tool with other youtube downloading apps

Thanks For reading. See you in the next article.

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