Thursday, December 13, 2018

How to See Hide Secret Data Inside an Image or Audio File

Stegnography Challenge

How to See Hide Secret Data Inside an Image or Audio File

What Is Steganography -:

The art and science of hiding information by embedding messages within other, seemingly harmless messages. Steganography works by replacing bits of useless or unused data in regular computer files (such as graphics, sound, text, HTML, or even floppy disks ) with bits of different, invisible information.

Working Of Stegnography -:

To See its working you can read my this article.  CLICK HERE

How To See Hide Secret Data Inside Image Or Audio File Using Kali Linux –

Step 1 -: When you unzipped and then you will find Bae.jpg,, mp3.mp3.

Step 2 -: After checking a while Bae.jpg  you would see nothing.
So, unzip and you'll get lol.txt and cat it.

Step 3 -: Then you must decode hex to string.
Oops! A lot of base64 text What is that?

Step 4 -: If you decode to text you'll get an error
So let's check special hint "you can't read but you can view".

Ok. Change Base64 to image which extension .jpg

Step 5 -:  extracting data from flag.jpg
Use steghide tool and then you would get

When you unzip, you would need password and use Audio Stegno tool such as Audacity to find the password from mp3.mp3 file.

There is nothing strange even after you slowing speed and listen to it.

But you didn't know, you can reverse audio and slowing speed and then take a listen closely.

Now you can hear it.

"Flag sha256 upside_down"

Use online sha256 generator and unzip

Boom! you'll get Flag.txt.

Have fun..

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