Monday, August 20, 2018

How To Make Your Old Spotify Account Premium Latest 2018

How to make your own old Spotify account premium 2018

Hello, guys today I going share trick with you. You can get Premium Spotify account now using this trick. This trick Shared by Prakhar Pal ( Geekfam FB Group member )  Spotify premium account xda. Let's See How to hack Spotify account premium.

1 - Kanged Premium Spotify Account

2- Kanged Family Premium Spotify account

3- And some time.

you need only one whether its only premium or family premium I've mentioned both with different numbers because both have different tutorials.

"How to find these accounts?"

there are many telegram channels which share premium accounts but you can't use them as only one person can use it and it'll overlap with your current song to another person who also using it so here is the trick to making your own account premium with the help of those changed accounts.

NOTE  - Never change Someone else's accounts password and email or you'll lose access to the account.

get premium accounts from -





After Getting account Check if its Only Premium account or its family premium account.

  • 1 - Follow below steps if you get Only Premium account -

NOTE - (The write-ups are quite long and well explained so that's why used Docs instead of pasting the whole thing in this post and make it lazy So Download That Docs)

2 - if you get Family Premium account Which means You can get the access for Spotify premium for the lifetime, and follow below steps -

Thanx for reading hope you'll get this.

and if you get any questions to ask me in the comments I've wasted my 2 weeks and Deleted my account 6 times to get this shit so if you've any problem in making ping me up with a family premium account. 

All Credit Goes To -  Prakhar Pal 

Telegram Channel -

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